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Hurricane Sandy Discussion 4

As a preface, the meteorological community reminds you not to get hung up on the category of this storm as it approaches land.  It is already well into its transitional phase to an extratropical storm. This only means the energy … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy – New York City Impacts

Below is a post from my friend and colleague John Morales.  He posted this at about noon Sunday, October 28. John is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society and currently works as the Chief Meteorologist at the NBC affiliate in … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Discussion 3

The most comforting thing I saw today for our part of Virginia was the 12z ECMWF simulation.  For the past few runs, the simulation had been trending Sandy’s track closer to the state. But today, that trend stopped.  When viewed … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Discussion 2

Overall, there has not been a large change in the thinking on Sandy and its effects. Sandy is a formidable Category Two hurricane this evening, and will be exiting The Bahamas overnight.  There seems little doubt now that the storm … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Discussion 1

You have probably heard much about an upcoming massive storm.  You would be right. Over the last few days, meteorologists have been following the computer simulations, each with widely varying ideas of how this storm will play out.  It now appears … Continue reading

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The atmosphere puts on a show every day.  Sometimes, the show is more compelling than others.  It can lull you to sleep, or it can threaten your life. Neil Peart, drummer for the rock band Rush, penned the line, All … Continue reading

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