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What do you mean, “Slight Risk?”

The levels of severe (damaging) thunderstorm and/or tornado risk may mean one thing to a meteorologist… but another to the general public.  When you hear “Slight risk of severe thunderstorms or tornadoes,” it has a more ominous connotation than you … Continue reading

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Heads Up Snow Lovers

Change happens quickly, and we may be seeing that play out before the end of this week. The Thursday evening/Friday system I discussed in the blog Monday is showing more signs of the northward track. That suggests a rain changing to … Continue reading

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Middling snow chances, but cold is ahead

There have been several times this season that the medium-range computer simulations have suggested bitterly cold air was on the way to the Middle Atlantic states in the 7-10 day forecast period. And so they have again.  This time, I … Continue reading

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Gone Too Soon

It is a sign of the times, I suppose. Going through my twitter feed Tuesday morning, I saw it. Within 60 seconds, my wife called from the other room to tell me. From the National Severe Storms Lab: We lost … Continue reading

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