March Madness: Snow potential for March 6

Have taken a look at this afternoon’s suite of numerical guidance. Snow stock is up for all parts of the viewing area.  Lots of opinions out there… I’m sure you will find ones that are wildly different from mine.

The system in question will be coming onto the coast of British Columbia tomorrow evening, so another 36-48 hours will be more telling about specifics for snow here in Virginia.

Time frame remains Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening. Upping the chance of measurable snow from 40% to 60%.  Could be an inch, could be twelve. May start as light rain. Still not an ice situation.

More questions than answers at this point, but the bottom line is that we now expect snow out of this system. Gun-to-my-head guess: 3-6″ in Greater Lynchburg, 2-4″ Southside. Remember, that is a wild guess 96 hours before the thing gets here… so expect that to change… in either direction.  Lots of time to go.

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