Winter Storm Potential Next Week

All indications point to a large storm taking shape along the Gulf Coast Tuesday morning and riding up the East Coast Tuesday night through early Thursday morning.

While this storm looks mostly like a rain system of our part of the state, there will be some cold air very close by: cold enough to support snow if the moisture can get involved.

As the storm is still disorganized in the southwestern United States, there is still plenty of time to monitor it. Given the storm has yet to mature, there is certainly opportunity for a small shift in its projected track, which would have dramatic repercussions on the precipitation type in Virginia and adjacent states.

For now, the greatest concern is for those traveling on Wednesday, especially to the northeastern United States.  Interior Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and New England will probably get accumulating snow.  Ground and air travel to those locations will likely be met with substantial delays.

West Virginia and the higher elevations of northwestern Virginia also run a legitimate snow risk.

There is still room for optimism for snow lovers in our part of Virginia. There are many suggestions that a period of snow, that lasts for several hours, comes down in central and western North Carolina and Virginia after sunset Wednesday night.  This would lead to a modest coating or blanket of snow beneath a blue sky on Thanksgiving morning.  And while it is too early to cement that idea into the forecast, it is one option that is on the meteorological table.

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