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Fracking Quakes

Last week, I was able to attend a short course on hydraulic fracturing and earthquakes. Hydraulic fracturing, colloquially known as fracking, involves pumping vast amounts of water deep into the ground to extract natural gas. The process has been around for … Continue reading

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Lightning and Youth Sports

I thought in 2014 the message would be obvious. Nope. My son plays youth baseball. One evening in May, a thunderstorm approached the fields where he was playing.  I was needed in the office, and my wife was at the game. We … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Leesville Road Elementary School

Thank you. That’s the short version. This week, the younger of my two children finished his time at Leesville Road Elementary School. My older child is now well into high school, also having walked through its halls. When we moved … Continue reading

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