Open Letter to Leesville Road Elementary School

Thank you. That’s the short version.

This week, the younger of my two children finished his time at Leesville Road Elementary School. My older child is now well into high school, also having walked through its halls.

When we moved here as a young family in early 2004, my wife and I drove by the school and would often say to one another, “That’s where our kids will be going to elementary school.”

Now, it’s where our kids went to elementary school.

Some of you have come and gone, moved on, or retired. Some of you have stayed the course for these last 10 years. But you all have had some influence. So if you worked there between 2004 and 2014, thank you.  Teachers, counselors, administrators, support staff… thank you.

Thank you for welcoming me whenever I visited the school, whether it was to see my children, volunteer, or attend an assembly.

It is not perfect, and I recognize that. Although, I still cannot comprehend that segment of the population that takes pleasure in demeaning your work, especially given the time and budget constraints placed upon you.  So, thank you for your time, energy, patience, and tenacity.

Thank you for being partners in my children’s education over this past decade.

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