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PBS NewsHour – Hurricanes and Climate Science

Thanks to the folks at PBS NewsHour for inviting me to discuss hurricanes and climate science on Labor Day weekend.

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Star Wars, Snark, and Climate Change (Global Warming Episode VI)

A long, long time ago, our home planet more resembled Hoth, the ice planet in the Star Wars universe. While Earth was not entirely blanketed in glaciers, large sheets of ice covered North America, Europe, and Asia. This was during the peak … Continue reading

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The Fifth Annual Global Warming Blog: Throwing Stones

Earlier this year, I attended a dinner at a local restaurant to celebrate a good friend’s 40th birthday. My friend and I go to the same church, so there were several people I knew well at the event, but as … Continue reading

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The Rightful Place of Science: Disasters and Climate Change – Book Review

The Climate Wars go on. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, to express a strong opinion on the subject of Anthropogenic Global Warming (a.k.a. AGW or colloquially, climate change) immediately invites scorn, no matter what opinion is presented. Among … Continue reading

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The Fourth Annual Global Warming Blog: Infection of Science

Prologue For our purposes, climate change is a tidy term used to describe the following: the burning of fossil fuels by humans, and the carbon dioxide emissions that follow them, is beginning to raise the mean temperature of Earth. That is to … Continue reading

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The Third Annual Global Warming Blog: The Burden of Proof

I’ve been on social media for four years, and I have observed what social scientists have known for much longer: People are driven to make decisions and build personal narratives based more on emotions than facts.  Facts are only accepted … Continue reading

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The Second Annual Global Warming Blog

Below is a blog that first appeared on in November 2011. Original references have been hotlinked. *** “Look here,” my stepfather said. I was visiting my parents one day last summer, and to my surprise, he brought up the … Continue reading

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